Yunnan Visitor Center



Kunming Center is head office of Yunnan Visitor Center,this is information center and club of travelers.Guests are able to obtain useful information about Yunnan,taste Yunnan specialty,enjoy in the library,meet other travelers and join in our activities.We will focus on Minority,Culture,Festival and Heritage of Yunnan,it will be your first stop of Yunnan,as well as a home away from home.




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What We Offer

Start from 160 Yuan Per Twin Room
We offer good price for hotel,ethnic home stay and local farm stay.



Tour & Activity
Start From 30 Yuan / Person
We organize outdoor activity,international exchange,ethnic culture exchange and community party.



Discounted Tickets
From 20 Yuan / Ticket
We are able to book tickets of bus,train,flight,as well as offer discounted tickets for performance and scenic spot.


Business Support
0-200 Yuan
Document solution providing copy, print, scan and fax services.Translation services for all major business languages


International Call
0.5-3 Yuan/Min
Cheap International Call



Free Of Charge:

Private Trip Adviser
Guests will have a experienced adviser who will provide useful tourism information,private itinerary and necessary assist.
Tea Corner
Guests are able to try some of Yunnan Tea,as well as know about stories of them.


Coffee Corner
Except Yunnan Tea,we also offer Yunnan Coffee.


We provide book,magazine,newspaper and DVD,which makes guest know about Yunnan more than tourist.


Live TV and Digital Entertainment
Guests are able to watch Live TV,movies,as well as play games.We offer opportunities for traveler who would like to share stories with others.



Ultra Internet (200M Fiber-Optic Access)
Guests are able to access Facebook,Google,Youtube and other forbidden websites.We also provide computer for guests.


Chinese Call
Guests are able to contact with any chinese telephone number for free.